Volkl Skis for Sale

Many skiers dream of becoming expert at navigating powder, and that can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable forms of the sport.

One Pair of Skis to Move Between Powder and Groomed Snow

Many skiers dream of becoming expert at navigating powder, and that can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable forms of the sport. On the other hand, becoming an accomplished powder skier inevitably takes plenty of practice, with this style of skiing requiring a very different set of skills than are typically employed on groomed slopes. As a result, some skiers find it difficult to make the transition, with crossed tips and the falls that inevitably result remaining common for far too long. Couple this with the way that powder itself often seems so elusive, and many skiers go years without making this much-desired form of progress.

One way of being sure of advancing as quickly as possible is always to be ready when powder makes itself available. While those who ski in Utah's Wasatch Mountains or in other powder-heavy places might not need to worry so much, that kind of bounty is the exception. Most skiers do well to be sure of having access to equipment that is up to the challenges typical of powder in order to be prepared for the relatively rare times when it falls.

Of course, buying and keeping a set of powder-focused skis ready at all times can be impractical. In practice, though, companies like Volkl Skis have done an excellent job of making sure that this will not be necessary. Equipment like Volkl Mantra skis makes it easy to enjoy a morning spent in fresh, unbroken powder and then to transition right back to groomed slopes in the afternoon.

How Volkl Mantra skis and others that aim at this kind of versatility accomplish this comes down to a few important things. For one, most such skis will have fairly wide shovels that encourage the tips of the skis to stay high in powder and other soft forms of snow. That alone often makes a big difference compared to skis that are meant to stay solely on groomed, packed snow, where a slimmer shovel will sometimes be easier to handle and wrangle.

Volkl Mantra skis also remain a bit wider through the waist than some skis that do not account for powder as well. In this case, having more ski under the boot contributes to stability even in the kinds of soft, shifty powder that many regard as the best of all. At the same time, skis of this basic style still maintain enough torsional stiffness that they can perform well on much harder snow, making them especially versatile.


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